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Special Weapons and Tactics 2

General Scrotum

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General Scrotum


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This mission pack series is like nothing you've ever seen. This series will try to add a video game series evolution feeling to the story. Try to remember a video game series that started on the Play Station One: it was somehow good, but nothing more. Then, it got to the Play Station Two and got better. Finally, how it ultimately became awesome when it reached the Play Station Three. Well, my goal is to bring that nostalgia feeling to you. How? Start off with a mission pack that could be rated 1/10 for its quality, continue with a second one that could be rated 3.5/10, the another one that could be rated 5.87/10, and so on... Remember the first GTA game and how it evoluated to IV, nearly V in a matter of months? Well, this is what I will try to reproduce.



Follow the story of Matthew Heinz during is Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT, career. See how he will climb up the ranks and gain the respect from his higher-ups. Get in the skin of a man who wants to clear the state of San Andreas from criminals. Be the rookie that will change SWAT's face. Be... you!


Special Weapons and Tactics 2 to download now.






First Mission - Complete Mission One - Bronze


Team Mate - Don't let team mates die - Bronze


Second Mission - Complete Mission Two - Bronze


Third Mission - Complete Mission Three - Bronze


Fourth Mission - Complete Mission Four - Silver


Team Saviour - Don't let any team mates die - Gold


Fifth Mission - Complete Mission Five - Bronze


Guns Instead of Condoms - Don't let team mates be rapped - Silver


Sixth Mission - Complete Mission Six - Bronze


Seventh Mission - Complete Mission Seven - Bronze


Paramedic By the Gun - Don't let team mates die - Bronze


Eight Mission - Complete Mission Eight - Bronze


Team Partner - Complete Mission One - Bronze


Second Year - Complete all eight missions - Gold


Elite Trooper - Gain all achievement - Platinum




Update 1.1 - March 17, 2013 - Added new achievements
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I'll play this icon14.gif


EDIT: I have played them all. It's fun to play and its become hard mission by mission.

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General Scrotum

Thanks for the feedback! biggrin.gif


Hoping to see others' feedback though.

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General Scrotum

When you'll be the one to impress me. tounge2.gif


Joking. Thanks for the feedback. biggrin.gif

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General Scrotum

Added achievements, as for the fifth release.

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