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GTA IV Problems with the graphic

wave x3

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Hello GTA Fans,


i am not so good in english, but i try to give my best


The problems are: Whenever I start GTA IV, the graphics are at the lowest setting And i can't change the settings. I downlode the game by Steam. But I do not know if that's the problem. My PC is 4 days old. So it should not be the problem!


My PC: hp Pavilion p 9 - i5 - Nvidia GeForce 445 - 3,4 ghz. 6gbyte RAM.


I hope someone can help me, or knows the problem.



Happy new year

wave x3


PS: One thing more you should have to now, GTA IV always saying me, that i am over my space. I use 245mbyte from 3gbyts i normaly got. Thas can not be normal, right?


PPS: When i use Autom.Konfigiration, GTA IV gos to Windosw mode. And i cant set it back to Full Windows mod!

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you probably have an optimus chip-set notebook. i remember seeing some of the members saying that you need to update your video-card drivers (to fix this)

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