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How to become a Moderator


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So, how do some people in this forums become a moderator? I don'T wanna become a moderator but I'm eager to know it. Could someone explain it in detail? .
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Yeah, you need to help this community alot for being. (That also atleast for 2-3 years)


Most of the MODS are in a highly official gang.


BTW, I don't think this is the right location for this topic. confused.gif

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Tracksuit Hitman


I don'T wanna become a moderator

Yeah, okay. Don't kid yourself, we know that you're asking so that you can become a Moderator. But yeah, I'm not in the place to say how, but I'd say being a helpful member of the community. Not too professional, someone who can also chill out, have a nice conversation and someone who has a sense of humour. So someone helpful, not a twat and somebody who's been here for a while, preferably 2-3+ years. Oh, and also someone who stands out from the other candidates.


Not really any point in trying. There's members here who've been here for a long time (3+ years). Plus, there's some people who are very helpful and what not, and have all of the things I stated above, yet are still members. If you're trying to get the rank for the title, you don't deserve the rank either. A Moderator's about helping people out, not about rank-hunting to get attention, show off and to look good.


This is also in the wrong section. Post something like this here if anywhere.

aka geobst

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