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Barzini Crime Family

Don Barzini

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we are a small but serious mafia and we just started up on GTA IV and we are recruiting at the moment. we are new to the forums and we ask that any who can help us with the forums please do. we are at war with the genovese crime family and the up-town mafia. we have many enemies. we play on xbox 360 and anybody who wishes to join msge Don Barzini or Liil Barzini.

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Tracksuit Hitman
I'm not trying to back-seat Moderate here, but I'm giving my help to you. This seems to be more of an advertisement post rather than a gang topic. If you wish to create a gang topic, which the staff won't have a problem with you may want to have a look at the forum guidelines for the gangs section here. To access the forum guidelines click here. You could also check out some of the other (older) gang topics to get an idea of how to layout your post. But don't copy ideas, as it'll cause arguments, and maybe even result in your post being locked.

aka geobst

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