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Oil Changes

Fozzy Fozborne

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Fozzy Fozborne

Hey guys, I have a simple question for the car gurus: oil changes and their conflicting times/mileage.


So I have the above car with 3030 miles sitting in the driveway five months after I bought it.


The dealership said they would give me my first oil change at 3 month/3000 miles but I didn't realize just how over this deadline I was time-wise.

The owner's manual recommends every 5000 miles in 'severe' driving conditions and at 4 months.

The owner's manual recommends every 7500 miles in 'normal' conditions at 6 months.


Here is what MyMazda.com says:

user posted image


Please note the '(About 7 weeks)' is just an estimate based on average people's mileage.


So what do you think? Get it serviced A.S.A.P.? The car runs on 0w-20 synthetic oil. From what I have read, the synthetic oil doesn't break down over time like 'dinosaur' oil. The dealership where I bought my car is about 60 miles away (where I go to college, I'm home for break) is it a good idea to drive it back? Will this affect the warranty? Ah! this was a mistake sorry for the questions and thanks for any help.


- Fozzy


Oh and Happy New Year!

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It should be fine, but I'd get it changed anyway as it can invalidate your warranty. No harm in doing a relatively early first oil change after the car has been run in- the old engine-builders' trick was to run the motor in on viscous semi-synthetic to let all the components settle (800-1000 miles), then use a lighter and thinner synthetic once all the tolerances have tightened up.

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Fozzy Fozborne

Alright, that's what I thought. I will call the dealership tomorrow to set up an appointment. Thanks siv

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