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Concept thread request

Los Santos Pedestrian

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Los Santos Pedestrian

I'm making another concept thread... eventually. Damn it feels like I'm making too many. Anyway, I'm only going to ask for three things: a logo, a radio station logo, and some headers.


First off, for the logo, I'd prefer a logo similar to the GTA LCS logo (http://www.gta-sanandreas.com/upload/GTALCS_logo.gif) with it saying "Tommy's Story", because it'll be set in 1971, up to the point where Tommy goes to prison for 15 years and, you get the point. EDIT: Instead, make it in this logo: http://www.dafont.com/-top-secret.font (the reason why is it's the point in time that Tommy never wants to remember, and he hides it from almost everyone)


The second is a radio station logo. I'd like it to be kind of similar to ZZ Top's album Eliminator (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1d/ZZ_Top_-_Eliminator.jpg) with the front of a GTA San Andreas Tornado. Underneath, in a 50's font, it says The Jukebox 98.6. This might be a pain in the ass to make, but in the end it'll be pretty cool. EDIT: This is probably too challenging, I'll cross it out.


Third are the headers. These are all of the ones I'd like, in the same font as the logo:

  • Setting
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Transportation
  • Storyline
  • Protagonist
  • Activities
  • Characters
  • Public Service
Cheers to the person who makes it, and hopefully it's not to complicated. icon14.gif Edited by Los Santos Pedestrian
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