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Good day!

If you are a good GTA pilot, or good at using guns on the ground, join SKYNET!


The clan just got born, but when we've built it up enough, we will be able to provide cover for echother, and help echother

in hard times, like beeing spawnkilled etc.


SKYNET will opperate in GTA IV, GTA Balad of gay Tony, GTA Lost and damned, GTA V and so on in the future.


Rule 1: Age 18+

Rule 2: Respect other members.

Rule 3: Work as a team (Text/voice chat)

Rule 4: Our first priority, is to protect echother, you all will be able to kill!

Rule 5: Have fun!


This clan is for PS3 only.


If you're intrested, contact me at PSN account <snip>

This clan is going to get big, so be one of the first members, as the first 10 members will be ranked to co-leaders.

Dont forget that co-leaders has responsibillity aswell. That means helping SKYNET to grow even faster.


Hope to hear from you and manny others! If you join, have a happy stay in SKYNET and happy hunting!


PSN account removed - gamesguru.

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We stress only on one thing for gangs that use this forum - you must operate from GTAForums. You may not simply leave an advertisement or a recruitment topic, directing people to your gang's forums, website, or any external means of communication. Harsh? Maybe. We want gangs to grow on these boards, and mingle with other gangs and the community. We do not want to encourage isolated gangs that operate externally.
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