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I would like to code missions for GTA III but I can't manage to do it. To decompile the SCM files included in the game I use SannyBuilder 3.04, and I added these two lines to the SCM.INI (C:\Program Files (x86)\Sanny Builder 3\data\gta3) :




main.scm - Look like a test file

main_d.scm - Contains all missions


I replaced the code of main_d.scm with this stripped one :


DEFINE OBJECTS 3DEFINE OBJECT SANNY BUILDER 3.04      DEFINE OBJECT INDHELIX_BARRIER         // Object number -1DEFINE OBJECT LOD_LAND014              // Object number -2DEFINE MISSIONS 0{$VERSION 1.1.0000}//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'MAIN' 01F0: set_max_wanted_level_to 6 set_wb_check_to 0 00C0: set_current_time 12 0 03F7: load_island_data 0 0053: $PLAYER_CHAR = create_player #NULL at 811.875 -939.875 35.75 0171: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR z_angle_to 0.0 01F5: $PLAYER_ACTOR = create_emulated_actor_from_player $PLAYER_CHAR 0373: set_camera_directly_behind_player 0363: toggle_model_render_at 1027.25 -933.6875 15.0 radius 50.0 object #INDHELIX_BARRIER 0 03B6: replace_model_at 1027.25 -933.6875 15.0 radius 50.0 from #INDHELIX_BARRIER to #LOD_LAND014 set_weather 0 034B: staunton_complete 0352: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR skin_to 'PLAYER' 0353: refresh_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 01B7: release_weatherfade 1 1000 01B4: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR frozen_state 1 :Loopwait 50000C0: set_current_time 12 0  jump @Loopend_thread 



I compiled the file successfully and I replaced the original files in my Android phone. But running a new game launches the original game. No modification noticed ?!


Any help would be much appreciated biggrin.gif

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