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Liberty City Clothing Options


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Prompted by a question posed recently in another forum thread, I researched the quality clothing available in the PC version of the luxury store known as Perseus in Liberty City, Algonquin. the available clothes are as follows:


(as you walk in, left side of store)

Espresso Slacks,

Charcoal Slacks,

Carbon Suit Slacks,

Slate Suit Slacks,

Perseus Charcoal Suit and Floral Shirt,

Perseus Slate Suit and Red Shirt,

Perseus Ash Suit and Silk Shirt


(shoe rack, as you walk in left side of store, rear)

Black Oxford,

Brown Oxford,

Beige Oxford,

Suede Bucks,

Black Wingtips,

Brown Wingtips,


(as you walk in, right side of store)

Perseus Mustard Sports Coat with Onyx Pants,

Perseus Cream Sports Coat with Carbon Pants,

Perseus Slate Suit.


(the central aisle, right side)

Perseus Onyx Suit,

Perseus Charcoal Suit,

Perseus Obsidian Suit.


(the central aisle, left side)

Three Button Jacket in Lead and Vest with Ash Pants,

Three Button Jacket in Ebony and Vest with Charcoal Pants,

Three Button Jacket in Granite and Vest with Basalt Pants,

Three Button Jacket in Iron and Vest with Obsidian Pants


My personal favorite from this store is the Perseus Obsidian Suit with black Oxford shoes. I would be interested in having somebody who uses the console versions of Grand Theft Auto IV adding to this thread with the clothing options available not only in Perseus, but also from the other clothing stores in the city, namely Modo and the Russian import store in Hove Beach so we can compare lists and to better inform gamers as to the various differences.

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May your wish be granted! I can't really give you the locations, but it's all the same for pc and console, except for mp clothing, which you guys have easy due to the fact y'all don't have a impossibly hard level

system, I've had the game for a year and I'm only level 6!


Russian shop:




Down Jacket Black

Down Jacket Green

Down Jacket Brown


Flight Jacket Black

Flight Jacket Sand

Flight Jacket Grey


Hinterland Coat Navy

Hinterland Coat Gray

Hinterland Coat Sand


Leather Jacket Black Track Top

Leather Jacket Blue Track Top

Leather Jacket Cream Track Top


Spyde Track Top Green

Spyde Track Top Navy

Spyde Track Top Maroon




Fatigues Camo

Fatigues Green

Fatigues Brown




Track Pants Black & White

Track Pants Black & Yellow

Track Pants Black & Navy

Track Pants Black & Olive




Black Boots

Brown Boots

Hinterland Boots

Dark Hinterland Boots


Blue Sneakers

Brown Sneakers

Grey Sneakers




(These are on a rack close to the cash register)





Army Hat

Winter Hat

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Knit Shirt Dark

Knit Shirt Striped

Knit Shirt Brown


Ski Jacket Brown

Ski Jacket Black

Ski Jacket Grey


Shirt Silk

Shirt Striped

Shirt Plaid


Golf Jacket Grey

Golf Jacket Sand

Golf Jacket Green




Jeans Stone washed

Jeans Black

Jeans Blue


Pants Brown



Chinos Black




Tennis Shoes White

Tennis Shoes White & Brown

Tennis Shoes White & Red


Moccasins Grey

Moccasins Black

Moccasins Brown

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EXCELLENT work, Waffleperson337. These are constants on both the console and PC versions? I ask because I was informed that there is not as many suit combo's available at Perseus on the console version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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I just reviewed it very carefully, and though I'm doing this off memory, I believe we had turtlenecks, and I know for a fact instead of 3 buttons, we had double breasted jackets! How odd! I later checked the wiki and multiple other sites to find THERE IS A DIFFERENCE


From what it says, there is Double breasted suits instead of 3 button like I said, they are


Double-Breasted Jacket, Ebony w/ Turtleneck and Charcoal Pants

Double-Breasted Jacket, Granite w/ Turtleneck and Basalt Pants

Double-Breasted Jacket, Iron w/ Turtleneck and Obsidian Pants

Double-Breasted Jacket, Lead w/ Turtleneck and Ash Pants


There is one difference that Made me question if it was the same again, turns out we got the best shoes in the game!


Instead of Oxfords we have Loafers


Loafers Black

Loafers Brown

Loafers Patterned (My favorite High class shoes and 2nd shoes in general)


And we retain all wingtips EXCEPT the Suede ones, which are replaced by


Bucks Suede


Thanks for catching that man, I learned something new today! Let's give it KarJerker Once again! biggrin.gif

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Oh, and to answer your question about if there is more combos, the answer is no, we are both equal, but w/ some different combos and foot wear. The Pokemon effect.

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