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GTAForums 1v1 Cup 2012 [XBL & PSN]

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Andy, I'm glad you decided to host the PS3 side. It's tough to organize a tournament with players I do not know too well but I'm sure we'll be successful.


The original idea was to make a first semester "Cup" tournament with groups and a KO stage and a second semester "League" (July- December) but I'm still not yet sure how many players would take part in that, especially now that the XBOX side has lost so much activity. I guess we can postpone both until next year when V will most likely come out.

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s'all good Andy, good luck.


Looking forward to the next DM Cup.

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I've got a suggestion for making this potentially work better next time.


I thought the organisation of the tables was excellent, like a world cup of GTA players biggrin.gif , but the difficulty of getting each game played and actually having everyone be able to match their availabilities with each other has ultimately let it down.


So next time I suggest this. Make a date as host. Have one standardised setting, say weak pistol (popular choice) or have a poll before to vote for weapon settings before.

On the date picked, set-up a private Death Match lobby, invite all players (set duration to very high $ target)....

...when players join the lobby the game randomly alligns their position / blip colour...













This would mean

ajbns87 vs Greasepalms

EL FUGA vs AndyGanteks

Comeon12 vs Blizzou

Icecube 22 vs THR MC President


Once say Greasepalms reached $1000 (10kills), I'm eliminated. (leave game or stay to spectate)

Once EL FUGA reaches $1000, AndyGanteks is eliminated... (leave game or stay to spectate)


FUGA then plays Greasepalms, to reach total of $2500 (15 kills) in the same game.


and so forth with the other matches, until two players remain on $2500...


Those two then play 1 vs 1 first to reach $4500 (20 kills).. the player that reaches $4500 first is declared winner. Of course if there are more than just 8 players the process could be repeated another night, and a selection of winners could be drawn, from say 4 nights of qualifying in this manner.




This would be more achievable than having it up to every player to organise their individual games. Let me know what you think of my suggestion smile.gif

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Sure, we could try that aj, I think that could work but it would have to be in a large map so that gunfights don't overlap each other.


How do you guys feel about the 1v1 League? I know I'm mostly gonna receive responses from PS3 guys because XBL is definitely not active, but should I start a 1v1 league? Or maybe Andy could host one on the PS3, I'll make a new topic and we'll see how it goes before opening it to the XBOX since their much less active.

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Ok, so Grease and me played this final thus finishing the PS3 side of the event, and of course Grease won for he is a better shooter + he actually played all of his matches from the start to finish, so it's only deserving that he won. Congrats! icon14.gif


I'll defo host PS3 1v1 DM Cup cup next year 2013 as i said few posts above.

Aj's idea is good, however, what i thought was, that all the matches are played on the same date, basically, here's how.


We start off the groups with 16 people, matches schedule is drawn. We all meet at say, Wedensday at 20:00 in the chat room. From the chatroom, people who play with each other in fixture 1 host a lobby for their 1v1 and play, thenonce they are done they post their scores on GTAF/take pic/etc, that way everyone can go off and play at the same time, there won't be no pauses and wait and everything would be more smooth and proper. I suggest you do this when you host the 360 side(if you do) next year too, carva. Also, there won't be any big pauses or breaks next year when i go on to host the PS3 side, else the interest & event activity will be lost, which is what happened to this years' event.

If the 2 month break didn't occur, i'm sure both the 360 side would actually be continued/finished, and the PS3 side would've had a more proper ending then this.


But of course, plenty of time til 2013, so we'll see when the time comes, maybe even V comes by then, who knows. Happy summer everyone & thanks to Carva for starting this.


So yeah once again, Greasepalms - AndyGanteks 2:0, Greasepalms, winner of user posted image

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