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Nitrous in gta V


Do you wont nitrous in GTA V?  

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  1. 1. Do you wont nitrous in GTA V?

    • Yes of corse!I'l enjoy burning L.A roads with this feature
    • Nope Nitrous are unnecessary,they wont make a big difference

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Hey guys,of corse this feature has been seen in previous GTA series(SA/TBOGT) so I think that adding it in GTA V will be sweet ! biggrin.gif

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Only if its at a mod garage to buy for vehicles

This, I don't really want it unless it's optional.

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If vehicle customization is making a return in V, nitrous will definitely be included.

The TBoGT nitrous just sucks. IT looks as if something is pushing the car instead of delivering extra power to the wheels. Hopefully there will be a change in V.

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I would like this, but I would also add that the handling (at least in TBOGT) makes nitrous very unwieldy. The Burnout series does boosting very well, thinking back on the many hours I spent with Burnout 3.


Even if it is the exact same as TBOGT, I'd still want it.

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