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Bully 2?


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I enjoyed Bully (Canis Canem Edit) a lot and I know literally millions of other people did too. I also know people have been thinking Bully 2 would be coming out soon and yet there has not been any sign of it. If you are not designing one, could you please think about it? Maybe set in Britain or Australia? That would be awesome but could the playable Character be a bit taller and less....ugly? And could your best friend (Pete) be bigger next time also.

We have already had a chubby ginger kid and a small dorky kid, now can we have two taller kids and the friend be a bit more popular and tough and get more involved in your fights?

Thanks smile.gif

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This forum is not Rockstar's official forum. Neither is this forum about the Bully games. The 'Site Suggestions' forum is meant for suggestions relating to our network that is dedicated to the GTA franchise.

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