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The Missions Guide

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This was made about why every guide was made- to help, this still in progress though I've finished a good lot, I'll continue this.

Well I was actually doing it according to genre when some 'bad gateway' came and spoiled it so this,

Well actually this is similiar to it, all the designer's missions are here and are arranged by their genre in alphabetical order, if i made a mistake or missed someone or something tell me.




user posted image




the story of a soldier


Alex Reed Stories







my missions in DYOM




user posted image




Cop Story




Nightmare village




Mini Missions.



0G Thug

user posted image




better days, missions with a story


Two of San Andreas most wanted!




user posted image




[MISSIONS]123robot's almighty pack of missions




user posted image




[MISSION] 12jango's Missions







GTA:Police stories


[MiM] Gta san andreas stories


Mafia Stories The prologue


The Grand Escape


Mafia Stories


San Andreas Military


Tommy Vercetti Stories


the rioteers




user posted image




Episodes from San Fierro




user posted image




Los Santos Stories




Heavy Duty


8 Miles







[REL]Crooks and Barbers(ad31an)


[REL]ad31an's First DYOM Missions



Aka mk fan




all my missions and storylines




user posted image




Grand Theft Auto Emperor City


DYOM Mission by TCRT/Alif Syahmim




user posted image




[Mission Pack] S.A. Noire




user posted image




Los Santos Chronicles


The Aftermath




user posted image




gta sweet story







ryder stories







Edited by abishai.kochara

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please don't reply or post as yet I have to add more people

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how do i make tables and yeah you guys can now start posting, the above and this will be edited

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Is this not enough ? We already have missions index here, and, it's already pinned

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