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Apocalypse DM/TDM/Gang War v2.0


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user posted image


Server IP: <snip>


Join our server!


HostName: <snip> TDM v2.1

Address: <snip>

Players: 25 / 100

Ping: 27

Mode: Apocalypse - LV TDM

Map: Las Venturas



Wat is it?:


It is a Team Deathmatch server where you have to infiltrate camps of the enemy to get points for your team.

it's a lot of fun to group up with team mates, and getting to the other camps where you will be shot, so you can just do that over and over again, until you finally break in to the camp and get to the bunker.


A picture of where we try to break into area51:

user posted image

we blew up 5 seconds after this picture was taken - rocketeer


You'll have to stand in that bunker for 30 seconds to get control of the camp:

user posted image

Once infiltrated, that will be your new spawnpoint.


4 teams:


There are 4 teams:

- Police

- Mafia

- Drug dealers

- Gangsters

each team with their own advantages and disadvantages.


5 loadouts:


After you you have chosen a team, you need to choose a loadout:







each loadout also has it's advantages and disadvantages. You'll have to choose tactically, according to your skills with every weapon, and the circumstances.



Character, Team, Loadout and spawnpoint selection:


In this picture, you can see where to choose your team, character and loadout:

user posted image


and this is how you choose your spawnpoint:

user posted image


How to win the game?


You'll get points for every player you kill, and for every camp you capture.

You will loose points when you die.


Your team scores points when people get kills, but also when they have many camps.

The more camps your team owns, the faster the team-score will raise.


Ammo piles:


In each camp you'll find an ammo pile where you can change loadout, or just reload your ammo:

user posted imageuser posted image


Special sniper:


The sniper has a special feature: if you shoot an enemy's head, it'll be instant kill. - Headshot! -

user posted image


Stealth mode:


When you crouch, you'll be in -stealth mode-

your nametag above your head will disappear for the other players, and they won't find you on the minimap anymore.


The server:


So if you are interested in the server, come and check it out!

Server IP: <snip>


Some more pictures: (click to enlarge)

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


Thanks for reading! colgate.gif


We hope you gone join us!


HostName: <snip> TDM v2.1

Address: <snip>

Players: 25 / 100

Ping: 27

Mode: Apocalypse - LV TDM

Map: Las Venturas




Apo-King rolleyes.gif


Removed multiple references of server IP and host name - gamesguru.

Edited by gamesguru
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