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how to delete objects in gta san andreas


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I've been using med for editing maps


i deleted the unnecessary stuff and save i back up the correct files and put it in a new unmodde gta sa this happens


user posted image


the circle in red is the object i deleted


i've done so far


changing the interior I.D.

deleting it

moving it on top of the room or below


but it is returning to its original position





my map file is int_LA.IPL


i just put more stuff and delete the previous stuff


but the previous stuff won't go away


if there are different tools of map editing please tell me and give a link




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I can’t actually remember how to do it ‘coz it’s been long time since I tried doing such…have you tried to save and leave the game, after deleting, and go back again? Or check the settings if it was auto saving. yawn.gif

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