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mission problem


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I converted my last script to a mission. Everythings works fine now, but when I get to the third wave of enemies, no one shows up and I get the message mission passed.


And the police cars drive like a normal car, but I want them to ignore roads and drive as fast as possible.




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I tried to replace 20@ t/m* 28@ with 30@ t/m* 38@, but the game crashes when the script sets the accuracy for actor 32@.

I thought that you could have more then 31 locals when making a mission, or is this only in .scm?


EDIT: t/m = up to and including

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32@ is a timer. The game engine will automatically add 1 to it every millisecond. Thus, you can not use it (or 33@ for that matter) as a handle.


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Does anyone know why this opcode creates 4 swat members and how to prevent them from spawning?


0727: set_heli 20@ behavior_to_police_heli_and_follow_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR follow_car -1 radius 20.0


And does anyone know how to destroy all actors around cj?


I fixed my problem btw, the coords were invalid.

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