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[REQ] Few GFX's


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Hi guys, Im looking for just a few GFX.


For starters, can I get a sick looking Banner.


I'd like a Seacrest County Police Department Crown Victoria from Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on it.


I'd like the picture to be themed with red/blue lights for police sirens.


I'd like "LCPF" printed somewhere small on it.


In the top right corner, can "NFS: HP" be placed?


Then, I'd like a average sized signature. Very similar to the banner except a more exotic or sports police car from Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.


And instead of "LCPF" can the words "High Speed Interception Unit" be printed along the bottom (centered) of the signature?


Thanks in advance, I appreciate any effort.

Heard an opp got killed, watch me do my dance.

Got a pocket full of bills, watch me do my dance.

I just popped a pill, watch me do my dance.

Hit that nigga with the steel watch that nigga dance.

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