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Save game not loading


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Which version did you purchase (V1, V2, V3.)?

Did you Mod the game before playing?

Are the save games yours or downloaded?

How far into the game did you get (the last mission)?

Vista, Win7, XP, other OS?


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If you downloaded the save, it could be the author of the savegame modded it with a different main.scm hence corrupting it.

If so please answer this question.

Where did you download this save from? GTA Garage GTAInside? (Please say the name of the website)


If it's your own personal save, please answer these questions.


1.) Where did you get your GTA SA? Store (please say which) Downloaded? (Please say from what website but PLEASE DO NOT POST THE LINK!)

2.) Have you used any Save Game tools on it? If so take a trip to the modding forums for a possible fix, since this part of the forums is for Unmodded versions only.


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