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Youtube videos won't load


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I am having difficulty passing some UC3 missions and leveling skill points stats in Skyrim and around a week spending for at least 2-3 hours surfing YouTube to complete both Games 100% by watching the video Walkthroughs.


Problem being with videos loading rarely and at times they load with Ad page and stop at 0:00 showing "Error occured loading" message. I can watch every video even at Max display but the problem is only with UC3 and Skyrim videos and offlate with Arkham City but the former 2 are hardly loading. I am using Firefox 8 for surfing the web and the net connectivity Modem is also Fine.


any one has any suggestion? confused.gif




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Haven't had the same, I had a problem with no videos showing, only black windows!!?? In Google Chrome, which is supposed to update when you start it, but I was in a rush and I downloaded a newer supposed version of Chrome browser, Ran that and then shutdown after some testing, due to dinner time, About an hour later I try rebooting and I got nothing, a split second of the LOADING bar and some BSOD flashes as it reboots, So, in my problem I have Vista Ultimate 32bit, and Chrome as mentioned, it'd be good to list those specs as details, I'm rather alarmed, but I suspected Adobe Flash was faulty.


You can uninstall Flash and get a Malware Flash detection tool, if need be

What video sections were you having issues with? For example;





Edited by Slamman
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I dont think any fault at the end of flash or even system.


Well actually I can watch any video at full 1080p example. Battlefield 3 multiplayer videos, full screen movies and others.


ITS ONLY IGN walkthrough on UC3 -

(all chapters)


and Gamespots Skyrim Walkthrough Xbox 360 guide -

(other chapters as well)


wont load at all.. I also checked from the Office and also my friends PC - Same Problem! bored.gif


Let me also state that these same playlists were loading fine about a week ago with no errors. I guess there is a content block or something.

I have mailed Youtube and the Help Forum and waiting for the correspondence on this issue.



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Are those the only videos on YT that won't play or is it all of them?

What browser you are you using? Have you tried other browsers?


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@ finn4life - I had read through steps but to clarify all videos are loading while only the above mentioned links are not loading.


@ Wolf68k - Firefox 8. I tried only default Internet Explorer and all videos are loading with the same exceptions. Hopefully YouTube will address with a solution. smile.gif



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