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Tbogt download link,help!


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Here is the D2D Download link, this is one of the legal downloads...I don't think Steam sells the DLC's individually-I think Steam only has the DLC's in a double pack(TLAD and TBOGT)...


You can also download it off the Live Market place, but it is $5 cheaper from D2D(link above). HTH


Note: IV is Required to play...If you DO NOT have IV, you must get the EFLC package in order to play TBOGT....

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Please note we do not support the use of warez on this forum. Any discussion will be promptly removed and offending users reprimanded, posting of links will result in an instant ban from the network.


Legal downloads are a completely different matter of course!

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I bought The original IV and now tbogt! confused.gif,Has anyone a link to download it free(PC)! whatsthat.gif

There is NO free downloads of these games-only Paid ones from Steam/D2D/Amazon downloads/gamestop downloads/the Live market place....Plus with the legal downloads you get better performance and stability with very few glitches/problems...


As Mark said above, GTAForums has a No-Warez policy....


The ONLY FREE GTA games are GTA 1 and II through the Rockstar Games website...

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