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okay, so a few days ago I have downloaded a free program called XNALara. Like gmod, it let's you edit/pose VG characters making some cool scenes. First, let's go through the setup:


What you'll need:


Microsoft.net framework (you won't need this if you have windows 7 as it's in there by default)


Microsoft XNA framework


after you have those programs, you are ready to download XNALara


XNALara/source code/ultilities


it's MANDATORY that you download the XNALara and the XNALara src zip as it has the source codes. Ultilities is optional if you want to import stuff like meshes from programs like blender. unzip both files in the same general area( mine is located in documents) and to run the program, click on the XNAlara.exe file in the XNAlara folder.


How do I Import character models, objects, and settings?


When you download a model, make sure you save it in the XNAlara/Data directory otherwise it won't register when you try to add a model to the scene.


I also recommend creating seprate folders for scene and poses files to avoid clutter. Note: they do not have to be in the data folder. to start you guys off with some objects, here's links to some character/background models.


individual data packs from tomb raider


user made objects

user made poses


I hope i explained everything throughly. The only rule I have is that the images are in a tasteful manner and that they don't violate the rules of GTAF. Also, if you want to post Gmod images, go ahead. So, let me show you my work in progress which i like to call alistair is going to die:







sorry but they are page strechers.

enjoy the program!





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