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ASI loader for

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Hello GTAForums!


This is my first post here, and i am posting because i am in need of an ASI loader for my steam version of GTA IV which is


I am trying to run these mods:



Simple Native Trainer

Cruise Control Mod


Now, i do not want xlive asi loader because then i cant use GFWL. If there is no asi loader for then how do i downgrade my GTA??


Please help me!

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GTA IV Asi loader by HazardX


GTA IV Asi loader by Alexander Blade


If they do work with I don´t know. This patch is crap for modding. I never used it. I do not use episodes, I don´t play online.


If you want to downgrade you can put in the extracted patch files manually if you have an already extracted patch anf if you´re save with manual patching.


I recommend you a deinstall (without deinstalling SecuRom and Savefile) and then apply new patch. For modding, or are most recommended.


Patch is commonly called "best patch for modding/performance".

Edited by NaidRaida

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Well I downloaaded lcpdfr and that had an auto installer, so that installed dsound and some other thing that it needs to.

And when I launched the game the simple native trainer worked. So the dsound asi loader works with

I also managed to get the cruise control to work, I found out it needed another dll.

And last but not least I manged to get the lcpdfr functioning by doing what they said on the lcpdfr forum.


I can't downgrade my gta as far as I am aware because I bought the steam version of the game which comes with version 7 installed.


But that's for your help anywy, from how I look at it the rest of the mods should be plain sailing. smile.gif


Ps this was sent from my blackberry.

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ViBe CoLoRs

You are able to downgrade your steam version, I would know because I've done it and its not that hard just go to Downgrading GTA4 steam edition

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