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James Parker and His Crew


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Theme of the mission pack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-yPHFTgGGU


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Las Venturas, 2009. I had all the money. All the ladies. All the power. My empire was unbeatable - until he came. He ruined everything. He ruined me. He ruined my life. Everything I had, he got it. All what I have now, is my little house. And my crew. But for me, it's all about the money. I want it all back. When I have it, I can do everything. I come from money, I come from class, these ladies love me for all my cash. Won't let nobody spoil my dream. Because when I've got money I can do anything. I am strong enough to get it all back. I am strong enough to climb the highest tower. I am strong enough to stay alive. I am strong enough to get my vengeance. I am James Parker, and this is my story.


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These are the characters I've introduced already.



Character Name Character Description
James Parker


The protagonist/playable character. A criminal and a genius, who had a great empire, until Richard Hortex arrived to the town and took all what he had. Now, he's looking for a vengeance.


Richard Hortex


The main antagonist. A businessman, who most likely stealed James' criminal empire. He's trying to make James' life hard by way or another.


Larry Bourne


James' best friend. He is a genius like James and always ready to help his friend. He's now with James, trying to get their revenge on Richard.


Kenji Osaka


A Japanese businessman, who is nowdays working for Hortex. He is the owner of the Royal Casino.


Alejandro Massri


A mysterious Egyptian businessman, who is the owner of The Camel's Toe. His side is unknown, as he might be a rogue agent.


Brian DiPietro


The personal bodyguard of Alejandro Massri. He is very young guy and doesn't know where he is involved.


BD Corn


A Mexican rapper. He is Brian's worst enemy and they hate each other.


Edgar Cross


An Irish small time criminal. He is the corrupted boss of SA state prison. Edwin is his little brother.


Edwin Cross


An Irish criminal. He is known criminal and a real badass. He is in the death row in SA state prison. Edgar is his big brother. He is commonly known as 'The Celtic Cross'.


Griffin Stone


An assasin working for Richard Hortex. He is a real professional and can handle everything you ask him to do. In reality, he's an undercover agent working for FBI.


Michael Thompson


Owner of the MT Company, which makes machines. He is the one who sends all the machines to the mine owned by Hortex.


Oscar Murray


He is a field agent working for FBI. He is trying to hunt down Hortex to stop his project.


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The Crew

Status: Friendly

Leader: James Parker

Known members: James Parker, Larry Bourne


Hortex's League

Status: Enemy

Leader: Richard Hortex

Known members: Richard Hortex, Kenji Osaka


The Cross Family

Status: Friendly

Leader: The Cross Brothers

Known members: Edwin Cross, Edgar Cross



Status: Neutral

Leader: Unknown

Known members: Griffin Stone, Oscar Murray


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All missions are going to be released by chapter. So far, I have made 3 chapters, so the total count of the missions in now 24.


Chapter 1 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16258

Chapter 2 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16796

Chapter 3 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18169



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The trailer is made by me. The song is Three Days Grace - World So Cold.


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Me - Story and designing.

Jimmy_Leppard - He really inspired me to do this mission pack.

Dutchy3010 and PatrickW - For creating DYOM.

Narcis_speed6 - For logo and headers.

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Thanks guys. It's really appreciated. If I didn't have such of great friends here, I would not never reached 1000 posts.

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Grats on the 1000th post man and Merry Christmas! I will be playing this mission pack pretty soon.

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Merry Christmas to all! smile.gif

Gonna try this missions right now!

But I have one question - why don't you use the storyline feature?

Edited by Darkseller63
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Played the missions.

They are very good. The last 4 missions of the Ñhapter 1 were very dramatic and exciting.

Kepp up the good work, dude! icon14.gif


P.S. Which programme did you use for your trailer?

Edited by Darkseller63
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Great job Notna biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


Love the trailer. With play the missions ASAP, as I'm very busy at the moment.


Anyway, good luck with this icon14.gificon14.gif

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Thanks, mate. BTW, check my respect list icon14.gif

WOW!!! Thanks so much Notna, I can't believe a senior member like you put me in your respectlist. Thanks, much appreciated biggrin.gificon14.gif

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Downloaded the missions,

will play them on monday probably,

on sunday if possible,

looks cool.

Good Luck. cool.gif

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Ah.... The long waiting is done. Now I don't need to keep this secret anymore smile.gif

Anyway, going to play chapter 1 really soon

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I have played chapter 1. Nice mission and you put a nice conflict in it. icon14.gif

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