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Free for All gangs


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If your gang needs more territory on ps3, then you can come here and fight for it. Which ever gang is still standing owns the turf.



1.After a person dies they can't come back until the battle is over.(For better options plan a meeting with me)

2.There can be more than 2 gangs fighting for one territory.

3.Alliances are allowed.

4.Anything else goes.

5.Your gang has to be part of the forums or originated from here

6.Have fun


To apply I will need:(post it or private message)

1.Gang/clan/mafia name

2.Your boss' permission(optional )( also gives better chances if meeting is held with me)

3.Number of players entering for your gang(Nothing happens if some don't show)

4.Transport needed (example cars, trucks, vans, helicopters,or motorcycles)




Will start 4:30 p.m. Feburary 10

Will end 11:30 p.m. Feburary 12

I will attempt to get police clans( If they arrest you, you have to get bail (1 securicar) and pay that to the police.

I will post territory on this topic as it progresses.

If you have questions post or pm( private message) me


Go to the clan/mafia/gang with the most territory


1.$50,000( no joke)

2.A new gang car (1 car per member)


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