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How to take screenshots?


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heey i wanna take some screenshots of san andreas buut how do i do that xD w/o doing the prt screen button


my game will mess up after repeated leaves from the game into a diff window or so


so is there like a screenshot hotkey in the game? that way i wont have to end up making multiple trips exiting and reloading the game

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Do you actually need 'screenshots', as CJ has a camera available from the nearly the start of the game. Once he has access to his bedroom there is a camera there.

Which Game version did you purchase (V1, V2, V3)?

Did you mod it?

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yes an actual screenshot o_o as in i want to take screenshots of myself from like different angles and such and because it is modded i cant use mirrors for they glitch me and make me unable to move

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If you only want still pictures you could do a "Screen Grab". Just press and hold CONTROL then push PRINT SCREEN. Go into a program that can handle photos - like Microsoft PAINT, simple paste the image [or push CONTROL and V].

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Screenshots like This?

Or do you mean screenshots like this?


For the first picture, just download fraps and press F10. Like what Grish said.


As for the second picture, hide the HUD and radar, and then move the camera into an angle that you think looks good, like move it diagonally downwards, facing CJ etc.


Hope this helps.


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