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what sort of radio stations will we likely hear?


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R* have always been one for social commentary on whatever generation they look at, so I think theres definitely gonna be a few that are ripe for mocking. So what are some of the 'buzz' genres of music that define this current decade that are surely going to end up on GTAV.


I could imagine one station playing this party-dance-pop stuff that dominates the charts in the 2010's. (Black eyed Peas, LMFAO etc.)


I think there will also be a radio station that mocks the whole 'Hipster' stereotype with ironically popular 'Hipster-friendly' bands on the station (Animal Collective, James Blake, Bon Iver etc.)


As dubstep has exploded these last couple years, I could well see a dance station devoting at least a few songs to this genre. Hopefully not too much though, I can't see it fitting too well into the feel of the game.


With the game being set in California what sort of music genres would fit well into this environment? I could see a Classic Rock station making a welcome return.


So what are your ideas people - what sort of stations will we expect to see? R* have always done an amazing job of picking music that fits the environment/time period it is set in. I'm excited to see what they have in store for us!

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Wouldn't it be cool if you could listen to your actual local radio station tounge.gif

That would be neat just because of the integration but it would suck cause radio stations blow dick.


Im not gonna wanna listen to bieber, nikki minaj, drake, shinedown, linkin park, and all the mainstream usuals in V. Id rather be introduced to new jams

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Use the search function next time. There are enough topics about the music.


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