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Stuck on smackdown plz help


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I am on the mission "Smackdown" when I get to the house Bucky runs in and just stands there then I search the house no crew then I kill Bucky then the game says "Bucky died before getting to his crew" even tho the game said "Bucky is at the house kill all the crew" I fail the mission. angry.gif

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Hi and this is simple, well ... it will be in a few minutes. Here is what you do.


First of all, sounds like a bug - so RELOAD your last save game which should be kept in the last save position - its the automatic save one, and re-try it - if that fails, you definitely have a problem. However, if you can play it, please try this:


First of all, follow Bucky back to the house, he will pull up in front of it, leap out of his car and take up position on the porch with a gun in his hands and open fire. Now, the game is open-ended so we do not HAVE to make a frontal assault, instead do what those lunatics in the SAS do and give them a surprise by backing off, circling around and going in nice and quietly via the back door. Once inside, and with some stealth, and remember to keep down, take down the gang members clustered inside - if you play it Bogart, you can nail 'em all on the ground floor quickly and smoothly without the cops becoming aware of you.


Now, slide up to the base of the staircase, immediately look up and erase the joker at the top of the stairs holding a shotgun - if you're good, he won't know what killed him. When he is done, you have two options - either burst out the front and immediately take out Bucky, who SHOULD be on the porch, possibly with another gang member - possibly not - and then run for it, as the cops will by now have noticed a domestic disturbance taking place and will, as usual, have turned up in force to over-react. Your best advice for escaping is to take the road you came in on, as any other so-called escape route will consist of twisting, turning residental streets which will act as a bottleneck and guarantee you being chased down by the cops. AFTER escaping the neighborhoods, head for the bridge between northern Alderney and Algonquin, and keep on running (or driving) until you escape the All Points circle.


The second option is to leave via the back door and work your way around to the front of the house, wherein you can use a sniper rifle from a nice safe distance from the house to take down Bucky, and then leave the area.

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