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GTA Soundtrack Secrecy

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This has been bugging me for a long time now.


I love the music from GTA 1, especially the N-CT FM station. Joyride, This Life, and Blow Your Console are all awesome songs that leave me wanting MORE


I wanted to know who the vocalist was so I could look them up to find out if they have any of their own albums that I can listen to.


After hours of internet research, all I can find out is that the songs are composed and recorded by Craig Conner. Seeing a picture of him online doesn't exactly make me think he's the rapper in those songs. I'm guessing he's the composer/writer.


Apparently the rapper's name is Robert De Negro, which is obviously ficticious. As is the group Da Shootaz who score the credit for that song.


I emailed Rockstar North to help me out with this, and even THEY don't have this information!


I thought my question was fairly simple, but it appears I've stumbled upon one of mankind's greatest riddles: The De Negro Code...honestly, man.


So if anyone can help me uncover the truth about who does the vocals on those songs, I'd love to hear from you. Even moreso, I'd love to her more of him...on my mp3 player.


Somebody out there has to know something!



Edited by Borniakius

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All that kind of stuff is usually in the manual that comes with the game, have you tried that?


But, for some of the tracks that were repeated in III, you can now get off of I-Tunes, since Rockstar recently added those tracks to I-Tunes...

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The manual says


Da Shootas Grand Theft Auto (C Conner): Robert De Negro - Vocals; Craig Conner - All Instruments.

Craig Conner:

user posted image

Craig Conner IMDB

Craig Conner MG


Craig Conner does music under the surname Conor and Jay, (ConorandJay.com) good stuff too. They have tracks on GTA II, III, and LCS.




Robert De Negro

user posted image


Robert De Negro IMDB

Da Shootaz (Myspace)


But the manual also says:


Title Track: SLUMPUSSY Gangster Friday (C Conner): Craig Conner - All Instruments.

I don't recall a "Title Track".

EDIT: Oh it's the menu music.


Edited by Niall
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