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what new weapons would you like to see in gta v


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This has probably already been posted, but what would you like to see. I personally want more old-gta weapons such as the flamethrower, machete, chainsaw, rocket launchers, and some new weapons like: flashbang grenades, emp mines ( disable vehicles ), spike strips ( GTA san andreas dealership missions ).

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It would be awesome to have the revolver back! In general I would love to have weapons that are just cool and fun to play with kinda what they did with TLAD and TBOGT like the combat shotgun, explosive shotgun, grenade launcher, etc.

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ak 47 (best gun tounge.gif )

barreta 9mm




sticky grenades (like in gta TBOGT)

mp5(not the one in gta iv )



scar -h


smoke grenades

commando knife

small shot gun in gta iv

glock machine gun

micro uzi

colt 9mm


and maybe a sword

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Not really sure what else they could add that would be a unique addition to the series, I do hope the shotguns from TBOGT don't make a return they were crazily overpowered it was like something you should unlock after using a cheatcode

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I would like to see at least 3 tiers of weapons


Average Weapons = Uzi, Ak 47, RPG, Bat etc


High end Weapons = M16, SMG, D Eagle, Grenades and sticky bombs


Super/Military = Minigun, Javelin .... unrealistic stuff which is very hard to obtain but ridiculously destructive mad.gif


we also need a mayonnaise gun... that shoots mayonnaise at people and when fired upon u get a mayonnaise infection

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