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Los Santos SA impact on LS in V

Hove Beach

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I'm not a San Andreas fan boy in any way, but I would love to see landmarks and familiar places. I think they should have a grove street even if it's not significant to the storyline.


Obviously gta IV couldn't really include gta III landmarks due to how vastly different the city had to be (except for mr wongs laundromat), doing so would have compromised the realism they were working for.


Gta SA did far better job with LS, so obviously landmarks will carry over, and hopefully some places we loved from gta SA will too. I don't think including the likes of grove street, ganton gym etc. will compromise the realism of the new Los santos at all.


Someone can yell at me about the different era thing now smile.gif

no it made sense, thats what Ive been sayin

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no it made sense, thats what Ive been sayin

I probably should have read through the thread a bit more closely. Well I totally agree with you.


Good thread, no lame SA vs IV fighting smile.gif

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I'm sure all the LA landmarks that appeared in III-era LS will also appear in GTA 5. In fact, I'm sure R* will try cramming in even more LA landmarks than they managed in SA, just because they can.


I don't think they will try and include made-up locations relevant to the SA storyline such as Grove Street or Madd Doggs mansion. Sure people might associate them with LS, but it's not as if they recreated St Mark's bistro in GTA IV. Every new GTA (except for LCS and VCS) creats a new location, with new story lines, locations and characters to become familiar with. Every new game is a new experience. I don't want R* to keep retreading the same path just to satisfy some people's nostalgia. Even though GTA 5 is going back to Los Santos, I still want it to feel brand new and fresh. I don't even want Grove, Vagos and Ballas, I want new gangs, new names, new identities, because it didn't bother me that there were no Forellis, Leones or Sindaccos in GTA 4.

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