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GTA IV/EFLC on Windows 7


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I've heard a lot of mixed opinions and it seems I've now run into my own problem. Launching both GTA IV and EFLC no longer work on my brand-new system.


In specific, GTA IV will open, log me into Social Club, and then begin searching for the disc and time out. Next time I try and run it the "LaunchGTAIV.exe" process simply ends shortly after launching with no error codes at all. It was just installed, and the only thing I've done to it was install the patch manually, and update G4WL.


Similarly in EFLC, the "LaunchEFLC.exe" process will just end shortly after launching. I have tested various compatibility modes, although according to the box I have it should work fine on Windows 7 straight up... I tested it on Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Vista SP2, though none seem to have much effect... Although the SP2 version went to launch the program (Blacked out my monitor) but then returned me to the desktop shortly after. Rather more frustrating! angry.gif


Both games are retail purchases shortly after release date, and have worked perfectly fine (Except for the then four-year-old system trying to survive the memory leaks sarcasm.gif ) previously. I had the idea it could be SecuROM and my DVD drive (Which hasn't had a great life so far) hating each other, although switching over to another drive that was the same brand, model, probably even the same batch, made no difference. Anywho, I suppose my need to shoot people and crash a few sport cars with my raging Eastern European cousin shall have to be put on hold... cryani.gif


Specs are in my sig, thanks for any help you can give me biggrin.gif

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