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Dark Assassin: The Conspiracy


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Welcome to the third multi designer project.

Hello, everyone. This is the third multi designer mission pack project. I highly recommend that you read all the text below.



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Multi designer mission pack is not so complicated as it might sound. We have a turn list with all of our participants. Someone makes the first mission - in this case it's me -, the intro mission. Then, the next one - in this case Alifjenius - in the turn list, makes a mission which continues the story right after where the participant before left it. When all participants in the turn list have made a mission, it starts all over again, me, Alifjenius and so on. When we have a good point to end the story, we will end it. I am currently looking for about 40 missions, so it would be that everyone makes 3 missions. But it can be less, or more, we will see that. When your turn comes, you are allowed to make one mission. You have 3 days to make the mission. If you know that you can't make it in 3 days, you can tell us that you must be skipped. You can also request more time. If you don't make a mission in 3 days and don't even respond, you will be skipped automatically. When you have made your mission, PM me about it and add the link to the topic. Then, when I'll checked the mission, I'll tell who's next on the turnlist and that he/she is free to make his/her mission. If you have added a new character/characters to the story, PM about it and I recommend you to tell something about the character, but it isn't necessary, still I think I can make up something about the character myself. And I want to state that if here occurs any kind of insulting, bullying or something like those, I'll kick the one to the ass and out of the project at the same time.


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Leo is a high ranked assasin. Give him a job, it's done. However, after an assasination of the senator of the state,

Leo finds out about a government conspiracy, to take out the current president. However, they don't have a man for the job.

The vice president - the mastermind of the conspiracy - offers the job for Leo. Leo is on the border of his morale. Take out the president and take the money, or reveal the conspiracy?


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Character Name Character Description


The protagonist/playable character. Professional assasin, who hasn't heard of "mercy". He is very good at handling guns, but is also very skilled at close combat.


William Rhodes


The vice president of United States. He hates the current president and wants him dead.


Jacob Portner


The guvernor of the state of San Andreas. He is Rhodes' henchman, but Rhodes, for some reason, wants Portner dead too.


Wu Zi Mu


The leader of The Triads. Leo insulted him in the past and now needs his help, but he wants Leo to work him first to gain his trust back. He is known as Woozie.




An enemy of The Triads. Woozie wants him dead in all costs.


Mr. Yuichi


He is a a retired assassin and an old friend of Woozie. He wants to Leo to meet with him to help with his problems about his skill and morals.


Toby Karslake


Karslake is Jacob Portner's loyal guard. When he fires, he never misses. He is from Australia but moved to San Fierro 5 years ago. With his amazing gun skills, Portner gave him a job.


Finley Brown


He's the advisor of Portner and has serviced him for 10 years. He's the one who always has the brilliant ideas for his boss.


user posted image


Chapter 1: The conspiracy


RAR.-file to the whole first chapter: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17254


Mission 1. - The request - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16168

Mission 2. - An Offer You Can't Refuse - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16171

Mission 3. - FBI robbery - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16298

Mission 4. - Deadly Golf - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16405

Mission 5. - Cheating Death - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16482

Mission 6. - Midnight Meeting - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16669

Mission 7. - A Little Proposal - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17082

Mission 8. - The Death of a Speed Freak - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17107


Chapter 2: The run


Mission 9. - Start to Run - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17247

Mission 10. - Running Dog - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17359

Mission 11. - Toby Assasinated! - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17536

Mission 12. - CIA Infiltration - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=17580

Mission 13. - Ghosts from the past - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18118

Mission 14. - Just Like Old Times - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18216

Mission 15. - Blood for Blood - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18271

Mission 16. - Seeker - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18869



Chapter 3


Mission 17. - One's Untrustable - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18986

Mission 18. - Silent Incorporation - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=19226

Mission 19. - First one is a big one - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=19449

Mission 20. - Old Generation - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=19985

Mission 21. - Distraction - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/21308

Mission 22. - The Last Contract Part 1 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/22537

Mission 23. - The Last Contract Part 2 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/22922


user posted image


Here's the turn list for the final round:










All participants are: Notna, alifjenius, SatournFan, GTAIndonesia, Doublepulse, -S-hark21, KaRzY6, Darkseller63, Junior123456789, Stuntzman, Secronom President, Arejai, shiva_s, Juan-R, ThaBoy, lee_atsugai, Nice_Shot and Alex5526



The participant whose turn is to make a mission, is in bold. Currently it's Notna's turn.



user posted image


Whole team - You guys are awesome.

Narcis_speed6 - He made the logo and headers, and he is awesome.

Jimmy - For being the mastermind of the idea of multi designer projects and for the name of this project. You are awesome.

Edited by Notna
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Can we post? If no, i will edit this.




Good Luck to all participants smile.gif

Hope this project rules confused.gif Not hope but yeah.


Good Luck Notna, specially to you biggrin.gif

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Oh sh*t. The logo says the same. I think we are going with it. Though I could ask Narcis to edit it and mod to change the title.


@Alif, yes, 21st is the date.


@Shark, yes, you are number 8.

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He is very godo at handling guns, but is also very skilled at close combat.

Notna, correct the word godo.

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Seems like MODs will arrive shortly. Eg- Girish to change the title smile.gif


Many spelling mistakes, Notna. Correct them before messed up!

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Oh man. I don't have a good day. I am doing everything wrong and misspelling everything.

Relax and guib wants delete it from Jimmy's line... because check his profile.


Did your girlfriend left you? (Again tounge.gif) Sorry, no jokes.

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This is really ridicolous. However, did it.He's still awesome.


And john, I don't have a one. Thanks for making me remember again.


But, no offtopic here, please.

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Thanks guys smile.gif


Well, as I want to do this as soon as possible - though Alif did it to - I'll do it by myself to clear any missunderstandings. So, I just want to inform that before December 24th, I am not posting anything than VERY important things. The reason? As I am real hater of post hunters, it's still great to celebrate the 1,000 post. I'll post my 1,000 post at that date, because it's an important holiday, before it, there will be only one post from me after this one. That post is actually going to be that I'll inform you about that the first missions for the multi designer pack has been publsihed and I am telling who's gonna make mission next.

My 1,000th post will be the surprise what I've been talking about wink.gif


Cheers guys. Respect. Notna out.


PS: If you need to contact me, just use PM.

Edited by Notna
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@Notna: Don't leave the teamspirit. It let's you to win. I see... you wanna save your post count and when 1000th post comes, you will f*ck everyone alien.gif


Good luck with your bullsh*t icon14.gif

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Okay, so I see, we already have the topic, and I'm the 5th. That's quite good.


So, we're beginning on 21st, right? That's cool too.


Notna: Make my drean true. As I wanted to make my 1,000th post milestone topic on 3rd of December. Don't give up. Wish you luck. wink.gif

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Sorry for double-post, but...





As you can see in first post, Notna already did the first mission and the next in participants list is alifjenius.


alif, you now have 3 days to make a mission, another way, your turn will be skipped and the next will be john12.


Good luck to ya' all! icon14.gif

Edited by SatournFan
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Don't worry, SF. I'll make the next mission soon


EDIT : The 2nd mission of Dark Assassin : The Conspiracy

Click here, bro !


Next participant is john12.

john12, you now have 3 days to make a mission, another way, your turn will be skipped and the next will be SatournFan.


The house interior's number is 33

Edited by alifjenius
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Because of personal things, john12 want to be skipped (based on Notna's PM)

So SatournFan, this is your turn now. You are given 3 days for continuing the story and published the mission. Another way, your turn will be skipped and the next will be guib

Good luck SF icon14.gif

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Because of personal things, john12 want to be skipped (based on Notna's PM)


Really, I hope not everybody first want to be skipped and then suddenly stops...

Anyway, I just played the first 2 missions, good work! icon14.gif


BTW I don't know about SatournFan, but tomorrow I am off to my family, so I don't have time then, anyway, that really doesn't matter, I am saying it because you would probably (not sure) won't hear anything from me on that day....

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