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GTA LCS Maverick


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Hi guys,i am new to gtafroums and i made this topic showing you the color of the maverick + a bonus for you guys that definitely get your attention.


First some info


The GTA LCS has no helicopter(maverick)that you can get it in normal gameplay only on certain mission.Originally there are 3 that can you obtain from these missions:

1.Passion of the Heist that is FP and only get it on the PSP.

2.False Idols that belongs to Faith W.

3.Cash in Kazuki's Chips that is BF,EP but it reverts back to a normal one.


These are the colors for the maverick:


1.Light Green with White Stripes :

user posted image


2.Light Blue with White Stripes:

user posted image


3.White with Blue Stripes:

user posted image


4.White with Pink Stripes:

user posted image


5.Red with White Stripes:

user posted image


6.Blue with White Stripes:

user posted image


7.White with Red Stripes:

user posted image


8.Dark Grey:

user posted image


These are the color that you get on normal gameplay without cheat.

With cheat are these one:


1.Black Traffic cheat:

user posted image

This color is not like the one from the mission Caught in The Act.


2.White traffic cheat:

user posted image


These are the colors of the mavericks in GTA LCS.If you want to make the unique colors use traffic color cheats before the missions.I only got the first 2 maverick but the third i didn't beacuse it dissapears on me after i go to the garage.


And here's the Bonus one.The one that was unobtainable ,but now is obtainable with a unique color,the one that eluded everyone.

Massimo Torini's maverick from the mission The Sicilian Gambit.



This one has a jet black with white stripes and you can get it only with a cheatdevice and 2 ingame cheats.

user posted image


This is the video that i made,but only made from pics.



And a update on the maverick once you get to the beach and get out the maverick will start to take off on you but don't rush in it because i will not take off.I will only start up and never takes off on you.This one is not CP or nothing else only the color.


For the Cheatdevice set Water lever to 31.0 m and teleport to Sal's House and get a firetruck not a tank.

The 2 ingame cheates are cars drive on water and health cheat because the maverick will be shooting at you.


To get on the Lighthouse rise a little level just to get on it but don't kill salvatore.

Get out and wait to get in front of you and rise up quickly to 39.0m with infinite health cheat on.The mission will fail and you will be under the water.Get the sniper out and look in front of you.You will see the maverick just in front if you.

I didn't take the pic to show you how it looks.Once the Sicilians are dead lower the water lever back to 31.0m not turning it off because it will dissaper in front of you and will try to get it again.Get in to your firetruck and rise a little the water and get clear the platform and push it toward the shore.

And there you have it,a unique color maverick that everyone missed and you now can get it. I hope you like it.I certainly was when i got it. Cheers.

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With a cheat device, I can just spawn one and set the colors in the menu. No need to use the cheat, fire truck, rase the water, and push the one in the mission to shore. This is if your talking about Edison Carter's Cheat Device.

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I know you can change the color with Edison Carter's Cheat Device,but my version dosen't allow me to change them and custom cheats dosen't work neither.This is for those who dosen't work.

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ah, this is great man! i


can you do more cars? if its not to much to ask, can you do them all biggrin.gif

Thank's,man but all to do all of the cars is a little to much.I only have the unique colors that you can get and rare ones.

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We don't really need LCS car section.

Special Vehicles Guide

I can't find the other car topic, but somewhere deep in LCS section there is weapons/cars guide.

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I will try to get the other unobtainable vehicules.I will use only Edison Carter's Cheat Device only for getting new cars.I find a way to get Casa's white pony from snappy dresser and it work for me everytime,but you simply take the other pony from dead meat if you like.

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