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Can't get a trainer to work?


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I downloaded the Crazy Trainer +151 and other trainers and can't get them to work properly. I have Windows 7 the game runs great otherwise.


First I was unzipping the trainer into Programs x86 and it wasn't letting me access even though I'm admin. I could only paste it in after unzipping to the desktop. Then I moved the whole Rockstar directory to the desktop and I could unzip the files directly to the GTA SA folder the the .exe is.


All that I can do is use the codes that are already in the game. My game is V 1.00. I've tried changing the cheat method same problem.


Like when I try to use the drop down menus to spawn a car it never spawns the car always the dozer.


I've looked up videos done what they say same problem. Tried different trainers different sites to download. I've read what little directions there are I launch from the trainer it opens the game but only the original cheats work none of the trainer cheats.

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why do you feel you need a trainer?

Is your V1 game pirated/warez?

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