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i would really want the multiplayer to be like in GTA San Andreas SAMP, its absolutely amazing, i think that it would be better for you to choose what server you want to play on, the gta 4's multiplayer is alright, but theres hardly any people (the games old i think), and now install gta sa on your computer and download SAMP, look at the difference, the amount of people there is just incredible, i would really want to play with 300 people in gta 5 than with 12/13 (max) in gta 4, what do you think ?

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I think the reason why it's so restricted in GTA IV is because of the consoles, as they can only handle so many players at a time, so what I think would be a great idea is to give consoles the players they can handle, 24 or something, and then the PC gets un-restrictive, or perhaps 50, 100, 150 or whatever R* thinks the video game can handle.

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I know what you mean, but already with only 16 players maximum it lags badly, this is most noticeable when trying to run another player over, look back and they lag back onto their feet again -_-

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