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Big problem! Gta iv crashing down my pc!


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Ok so i was watching the last few days some gta iv vids so i wanted to get back on playing... what happens is after the loading of the game i am in the game and before i even go forward my pc closes instantly... and then if i push the button to open the pc again it doesn't work... i have to plug out the power supply cable, then plug it in again and push the button for the pc to start... this problem happens only with gta iv, i have uninstalled and installed the game but the problem is still there! Even skyrim that has more requerments plays on high and like a charm! My videocard has been recently changed to a GTS450... so its new... im suspicious that the power supply is causing the problem... any ideas??? I would aprecciate all the help! Thanks smile.gif


Anyone??? sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif im desperate!!!

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If you're suspicious that the PSU is the problem then why not try another one?


Also, check the heat sink and fan on your CPU. Dust build-up will prevent cold air cooling the heat sink down. GTA IV is a very CPU-intensive game so the CPU will get hotter that it will with most other games. If it overheats the PC will shut off suddenly to prevent damage to it.

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This is not GTAIV related, if you stress that machine with a benchmark it will most probably shut down again. If you're an overheating problem, you can use an app like hardware monitor to check out temperatures as you slowly add load to your system.

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