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[SNP] The Snow Storm


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Always die at this mission, every time I get to a getaway car the damn cops pin it with their @#%#@ SUVs and kill me before I can get away.


Thanks in advance!


Edit: Got it, didn't know about the getaway boat.

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I've answered this one at lenght elsewhere, but here is the simple version.


(1) Arrive at the old hospital.


(2) enter via the ladder attached to the side of the building towards the southern end.


(3) Eliminate the first people you see there from cover and then when you cannot see anymore targets of oppotunity, drop down and in a place of relative concealment, take out anyone else who pokes their nose (and gun) into the corridor - before the minimum of dots (targets) remain, wherein you cautiously advance and take them out one on one room by room until you have cleared them.


(4) Go to the northern end of the building, take out two snipers who will be above you, possibly more - depends on what happened in stage 3. Now, with the building cleared of all of its drug dealing inhabitants, go back to the coke room.


(5) Get the body armor (eliminate the two men in the room if you have not already done so) but DO NOT approach the table with the coke on it until you are absolutely ready as this triggers a cut-scene showing the approach of a N.O.O.S.E. assault team and helicopter. Let them arrive, then when the cut-scene is done, calmly get to the large room in the southeastern end of the old hospital and behind furniture there, prepare for a short vicious assault. This way you maintain body armor.


(6) Once you have taken down the advancing N.O.O.S.E. personnel, with very little damage I might note, proceed out of the building. You may encounter police officers, maybe even a few die-hard N.O.O.S.E. personnel on the way out, so if you have no stomach for another fire-fight, RUN and on reaching the main room in the uppermost northeastern end of the building head for the exit, leave the building and immediately turn right.


(7) At least two or three N.O.O.S.E. personnel willbe waiting for you, so keep on running - expect to catch some hostile fire - DO NOT engage until you have no choice as that only slows you down - head for the broken fence closest to the dock in the river on the southeastern side and leap down - do not waste time with the ladder. Now climb into the speed boat waiting there, perform a neat about-turn and head due north as fast as possible until you are out of their All Points circle.


It is as simple as that.

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Happy to help. If in future you decide to use a car to get away, the best way to do this is to find something small, fast and powerful - perhaps a sports car (something from the executive cars collection will work very nicely), as the N.O.O.S.E. vehicles are large, overpowered and will come right for you and neatly go up and over you without you being in the slightest bit effected. If you manage to get off of Colony Island on the road leading back into Algonquin, after almost being intercepted, immediately swerve the vehicle right and ride the sidewalk as this will throw off any further police vehicles, allowing you to reach the main street wherein you make a sharp right onto it and then drive like the devil himself.


That said, the speed boat is more fun and you have less to worry about. The other method is recommended for maniacs only.

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