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custom weapon model alignment


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hi Guys

How can u align custom made weapon in to the hands?


I made M-14 acog and Red dot sight model (scratch)

but it is badly-aligned weapon to the niko hands

someone said that i need a gun_grip model for my gun?

+ i dont know what is gun_grip model sad.gif


Anyone of you is kind enough to teach me how to make the gun align in the hands

i would be very grateful inlove.gif


im just a starter in weapon modeler in gta iv


Program Used

(3DS Max09 SP1)With GIMS,ShadowPlugins,OpenIV

(Zmodeler 2.2.2)



i followed this tutorial works great




i still dont get it how do i align my weapon in niko hands sad.gif

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I believe they might mean the hand model that gets imported with the latest version of gims, so you can position the gun to the hand as you see fit!

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thx for the reply but i think i still dont get it

how to align the weapon

after i import the gta iv(default weapon)

it contains

gta iv(default model)


3yellow dots that contains W_rifle,Muzzleflasher and W_clip?

and dev_cube?


wtf? under the tutorial it says that u shud only sees the weapon model and the cube box



to make it simple will u help me to align the model for me???


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I can understand as ive also stopped bothering with my mod on this after hitting to many issues with this games modding potential thinking of shifting the mod to SR3 instead.

plus skyrims creation kit tools has me extremely excited.

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