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A massive river spotted?


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Take a look at this! You can find it on your own at 0:42 in the trailer!



Maybe it´s a pretty massive river in the background. To split the map in some parts, with closed bridges?



But perhaps it´s a road, which is more likely. But where does it lead to? Seems to be the size of a freeway or even an interstate.

Maybe Los Santos isn´t the only major city?


What are your thoughts? Again, you can see the enormous size of the map.

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It's more likely a road and it has already been mentioned before

I don´t think that it´s a road.

If you look closely, you see that the width of it isn´t constant.

It´s easier to see, if you look for it in the trailer.

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To me it doesn't look like a natural river. It looks like it goes up and down and up and down the hill. More likely a road.

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Ok, guys. Let´s say it´s a road.

But we all agree, that it seems to be really large, don´t we?

So, where does it go, if Los Santos is the only city?

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Its a log flume! wink.gif but for real I agree gotta be a road the bit near the tree is sloping up

What do you think, where this road may leads to?

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It's a road, but rivers do run down hills, guys. That's basically the reason they even flow in the first place. But yeah, they don't flow over a hill and go down the other side. So it's a road.

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A road is plausible. It could lead to various towns in Southern California, possibly Northern California, since in real life there are a lot of vineyards along the U.S. 101 and I-5.

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