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San Fierro Burglars


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This is- user posted image by John12.


I will use the Logo of UNRATED and Headers of Narcis. Sorry Grope_4_That day, i won't use it for now.


user posted image


You are Zero living in San Fierro. Your life is pleasent but you have some problems. You girlfriend left you because of your enemy, Berkly. One night, your house get's burglared and you go to Burglary Corporation. You join them in burglary but Berkly has also set up a Burglary. It's time to see who get's money and Klye!


user posted image


Zero- He is really smart enough and his IQ is 376.5577. He doen't use a gun but learns the art of guns. He is the Main Character. He has a problem with Berkly.


Cheetah- Zero's favourite blue cheetah. It drives and jumps fast but get's destroyed easily.


Klye- She was the girlfriend of Zero but left him. Berkly was responsible for the break-up.


Berkly- He is really interested in creating things and robbing items. He was forced to leave SA in 1992 but returned at 1995. He hates Zeor and want's to destroy him.


Justin (not Justin Bebear tounge.gif)- He looks like a clown but he is the leader of Burglary. He has a huge area in Doherty. The area where people filled the form is now under Berkly's control.


Gaurds- They protect the Corporation from any harm. They are friendly.


Workers- Actually they don't work but burglar people's house.


Alen Winks- He was a worker in B.C. (Burglary Corporation) and was patner of Berkly in earning money but Berkly killed him and took the Form filling's building's key.


Rick- He is your patner in burglaring. He Respect you and disrespect you. Don't know why...


Triads- Born to be dark. There are many of them and they are your and Rick's Friend.


Cops- They roam around and try to find out what's going on.


Gay- The word says everything biggrin.gif.


Da Nang Boys (DNB)- These are Rick's enemy aswell as Triads. They are really strong. They deal with Barbars.


Barbers- They have top grade drugs. They are all around SA.


More coming soon biggrin.gif


user posted image


1. Burglary is my Passion


2. Ocean Drive


3. Lurk is Jurk


4. Dark is the Source


5. Act upon 69 - Part 1


6. Act upon 69 - Part 2


7. A Night with no wonder...


8. A day beating night


* Chapter 1


More soon biggrin.gif


user posted image


1. THE CRASH!!! is on hold because of lack of ideas. But i will continue it too.


2. Please give feedbacks for every mission.


3. This is a Burglary Mission pack so I guess no one has ever made it. biggrin.gif

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Here you all can see the Reviews, Pics and Videos for this Mission Pack.


user posted image


user posted image


Credit for the pic goes to me.




Credit for making the Trailer goes to -S-Hark21.


More to Come biggrin.gif

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This is just the place for Entertainment biggrin.gif


user posted image


I will ask questions based on the missions-


1. What do you think how did Berkly came?


2. Why is Rick like that? Why does he like and dislike you both?


3. What is Shining Lighter?


4. What do you think their research would be?


5. Triad was dead. Is something related with Rick?


6. What were the Gays doing (Heatseeker and Dildo)?


7. Why was Rick taking the weed?


8. How do you think cops escaped?


More Questions Coming soon biggrin.gif You can answer them anytime.


user posted image


Here I will put the News what will happen next.



Time for 2nd chapter.


user posted image


1. Me


2. Dutchy3010 and PatrickW


3. GFX Team


3. All the supporters


4. And you (points at you)


Thanks and Have Fun

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Ok guys Just then what I post, ignore it

About feedbacks here it is.

Eventhough it's a starter mission, we already in a gunfight

But still, it's awesome! The cutscene, the talk, the story , the car.

By the way, you should make some car locked.

Because the van are usable because it din't been locked


And for answer the questions


1. What do you think how did Berkly come?

No idea but I think I got one, I think Berkly came with his friend in the first cutscene after some burglar.


Hope you forgive me John12 biggrin.gif

Sorry for the post sad.gif

Edited by -S-hark21
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Simply edit it and type this-



Continue from down.



Thanks for the feedback and i will look after it. The Headshots were on biggrin.gif

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I will play this just when we have finished the multi designer project.


And, congrats on your over 1,000 posts icon14.gif

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Guys uploaded the mission- Ocean Drive


Link at the main post.


Tip:There aren't any case or something but there are invisibe checkpoints which you need to find and cross. Good Luck


@Notna: Thanks. My 1000th post was on Community Survey topic tounge.gif.

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john, you know what?


You have so nyan avatar. Ooooh! biggrin.gif


Gonna try these missions. Good luck. icon14.gif

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Guys gonna upload- Lurk is Jurk


Not today but tomorrow. Now i will wait for feedbacks.


This theme is really easy and able theme in which we can make many missions. smile.gif


I saw that the title and the topic title is different tounge.gif.

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Here's my feedback :

The mission was easy but sometimes when I want to assassinate them with a knife,

They were looking at me. So I gotta to kill them using my silenced.

Don't know why that happen, I guess it's a bug. dozingoff.gif

And also after the police know we were stealing,

You should make the time limit to 0. Cause they already we were stealing.

But still, awesome mission and keep it up! icon14.gif


Question no. 2 :

My answer will be no idea

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As in real SA, there is no stoping of time until daylight. That isn't a bug but a feature in SA. If someone dies nearby it turns behind.


Thanks for the feedback biggrin.gif

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Guys, uploaded the mission- Lurk is Jerk


I guess there might be bugs so report. Thanks!


Tip: Don't try to mess around just take care of the traffic and you will do fine wink.gif


Next mission on the way biggrin.gif

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Alright ! Going to play and give feedbacks biggrin.gif


Here's my feedback :


There are some spelling mistake but still understandable

And also that mission was more easy than the other one

But still, this is so awesome ! I think this will be my favorite mission pack smile.gif

Edited by -S-hark21
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Gonna upload- Dark is the source


My school is on holiday because our principal was insulted. Politics were doing wrong. mad.gif


Respect of our principal was down and our teachers couldn't bear it and thrashed them. Well done, my teachers icon14.gif


Ok, it was off-topic

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Good design of the main post! icon14.gif

Gonna play your missions and give feedback!

Edited by Darkseller63
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Played the missions.

What can I say? The idea is very cool, but there are some spellings in the dialogues, but don't mind on that.

Great work! Keep it up! icon14.gif

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Guys uploaded the mission- Dark is the Source


Link at the main post smile.gif


Tip: You must open the parachute ASAP, good Luck icon14.gif]


@K6: Thanks, buddy. This will be over soon. colgate.gif

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Guys, added a pic.


I forgot to say that please activate Cinematic Camara View for better chase biggrin.gif


C'mon guys, be more active and don't stay still. I am Double-posting but it is an update.

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