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Mac Save Files


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I"m playing GTA San Andreas on a mac, and am having trouble locating the save files, etc. Is it even possible to alter those on the mac platform?

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I'm referring to the actual file in the finder windows. The issue is I can't find "user" files. I can show the package contents of the app, but that isn't where they live, and there doesn't seem to be any other file within the system library or anything else...

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If you are trying to find the save file.

search for *.b or *sa.set they should both be in the same file IF you have played the game and saved at least once.


If you are attempting to Mod the game you should inquire in the Modding Forums.

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Hey, i'm searching for the samething and I think I've found where they go... I just don't know if the the saved files that i'm getting are working. When I'm entering them in the proper locations... when I load the game they don't appear mad.gif I've been looking for the exact samething for the longest and no one seems to really know how to help us Mac users. I youtubed the tutorial and even still now none of the saved games codes are working for me. I'm starting to feel like I didn't do it right but I did exactly what the people on YouTube are doing...? My thing is do I get the saved game that comes after the mission and try it or do I get the saved game that I'm having trouble with and put it into my files and then load the game?
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