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CJ's Girlfriend, Barbara


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Hi guys,


if CJ's girlfriends wants to have a bite where should i take her to?

I took her to cluckin' bell but she don't seem to like it and it

keep deducting the points each time at the end of the date.

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I was going to refer you to the link above but that post really doesn't have enough information. I found the Girlfriend Guide at GameFAQs to be mostly accurate.


But the quick answer to your question is that Barbara likes diners. There's one close to the southwest; has a milkshake icon when active.

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Each one has her own place.

Barbara (Cop, who lets you keep your weapons when busted) likes a nice off road motorcycle ride over the hill to the lone Diner to the West.

Katy (Nurse, who lets you keep your weapons when wasted) likes the Diner down hill from her home to the North.

These are the only two girls worth meeting. All the rest are optional.

Denise likes every place.

Millie you don't take out on dates, just wear the Gimp Suit on every date.

Michelle (Driving School) likes Misty's Bar across the street from the San Fiero Dojo.

Helena (Lawyer, Gun Range) Likes the Restaurant in Rodeo.

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Actually, Denise will be very unhappy with a diner or restaurant.


likes Fast Food (Denise)

likes Diners (Barbara, Katie)

likes Bar Food (Denise, Michelle, Millie)

likes Restaurants (Helena, Millie)


Once reason to take Millie out to eat is that you can then cancel the date (with +5% progress) by visiting a gym or Ammu-nation and then date her again the same day. That way it is possible to make more progress per day than is normally possible.


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