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Trail by Dirt


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My problem is with the Trail by Dirt side-mission

It doesn't say in my stats dat I completed it but I did it twice.

Now I'm stuck on 99% completion.

It's very weird because when I do the mission again, it starts to rain after a few checkpoints.

I read that it starts to rain when you already completed it twice.

And when I finish the mission I fail the mission mercie_blink.gif

It says that I didn't beat my old record??


So I did beat it then?

But why doesn't it show up in the stats?

If I beat it I should get 100% but it doesn't, just because the time isn't registered in my stats.


Thanks in advance



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Did you won the Shooting Range Challenge after the mission "The Shootist"?

You need to have at least 45 points.


The time for "Trial by Dirt" not showing in the stats is a common bug, don't panic about it.

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Yep I did the shooting range mission and the challenge right after it.

I don't know what it could be notify.gif

I did everything, at least I guess.


I'll check it again:P

Maybe you're right that it just doesn't show up but that it does count for the 100%

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Ok I got 100% now, I was being stupid.

It has been a while since I played this game and now I noticed that I hadn't done the Ocean Beach Chopper checkpoint blush.gifconfused.gifcolgate.gifsuicidal.gif

Sorry my mistake.

Thanks for your replies.

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