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Thanks a lot guys!

I Hope to be a Moderator on DYOM.nl some day.


Yeah man :3 i will support you

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Its been almost an year, so it thought i refill this. Just for fun.


1. Who is the overall, best DYOM designer in DYOM history?
I Haven't played many classic DYOM mission packs so i'm unable to answer this.
2. Who is the most creative?

Currently? I Think ProDX34.

3. Who makes the best tutorials?
4. Who is most helpful?
Don't quite remember asking for help recently so...
5. Who makes the best topics in the forums?

6. Which banned designer would you bring back?
Screw banned members.
7. Who is more helpful, Dutchy or Patrick?
8. Who is the best mission review?
9. Who is the best reviewer besides AznKei? (If you answered AznKei for the previous question)
No idea
10. Who is the best mission video reviewer?
Again, AznKei.
11. Who makes the best cutscenes?
12. Who should've won an reward, that didn't? What area should they have won in?
No idea
13. Should Dutchy and Patrick give someone a job at moderating and looking after the DYOM section? If so, then who?
I Would love to watch after the DYOM forums. If you see my resume, i have less than one year of experience.
14. Which retired designer should come back?
Mattatatta, No doubt.
15. What do you think of the new designers?
ProDX34 isn't exactly new but still, he is awesome. Huzaifa Khan makes nice actions missions, gammoudicj makes great and long Mission Packs and...i might have forgot someone. Sorry.
16. Do you think they will/are helping the small DYOM community?
Of Course.
17. Who needs to learn better English?
ProDX34, Huzaifa Khan and gammoudicj. (Just grammar and little spelling)
18. Who is annoying?


19. Who makes un-useful topics?
Meh, dont know.

20. Who always starts a mission-pack and never completes it?

Me, The Odyssey, Chips237, everyone in DYOM history.

21. Most useful topic?
The Designers Lounge.
22. Most un-useful topic?
Haven't seen one lately.
23. Which is better BUYSAG, DYOM Heros, DYOM Chronicles or Let Your Own Faction Rise?
BUYSAG. Haven't played it but it looks the best.
24. Written Reviews or Videos Reviews?

Depends on how lazy i am.

25. Best mission-pack game? (E.g. Chose Your Destiny)
Meh, Don't know.
26. Who spams to most in DYOM Section? (not the banned one's)

27. Who handles/helps fights between designers?
The one who threatens to ban those fighting.
28. Which mission-pack was your favourite?
Was? Episodes From Las Venturas. Is? Grove Street Revolution.
29. Which storyline was your favourite?
Don't play storylines.
30. Which mission-pack/storyline looked so interesting and awesome, but once you played the missions, it was a disappointment?
Breaking The Z.
31. Who makes the most interesting mission-pack/storyline?


32. Who makes the best topics on GTAForums, for there mission-packs/storylines?
Almost everyone. (ALMOST)
33. Do you rather play or design missions?
34. When did you start using DYOM?
2009. Then restarted in 2013.

35. Why did you choose DYOM over other mission-building programs?
Because coding is f*cking hard!
36. What was your first mission? (Link)
Grove Attack. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/25245

37. Have you dropped any mission-packs? (Give your reason why)

Recent one that has been dropped is Crime City: Los Santos.

I Lost motivation for it.
38. What was your best mission-pack?
Modern Combat.
39. Do you like the new DYOM website?


40. What DYOM feature(s) should be added?
Shoot anim, Liberty City interior and some other stuff...
41. What DYOM feature(s) should be removed?
Put After Objective.
42. Which other GTA should DYOM support?
GTA Vice City.
43. In a mission, quality or quantity?
44. Do you rate and comment on the new DYOM website?
45. Do you think Dutchy and Patrick will release a new version of DYOM on GTA:SA?
Considering they recently did...YES!
46. Which new features will be added?
Don't know. They will probably just fix bugs.
47. Do you think v8 is the last DYOM on GTA:SA?
48. If this is the last version on GTA:SA, which GTA is next?

Probably IV.

49. Do you think Dutchy and Patrick have retired from .scm coding, and will never make a new DYOM version again?
This can't be a serious question.
50. Who is the most friendliest in the DYOM forums?


51. Who was the most helpful person to you when you were new to DYOM?
52. Who was the person who inspired you?
LnD, Doublepulse and recently The Odyssey.
53. Who has kept on helping you until now?
The Odyssey.
54.Your favorite mission?
One of my own actually. No Age Limit.
55. Who do respect alot?
The Odyssey.
56. Who do you disrespect alot ?
Meh...Don't know.
57.Who is the most rowdiest person you've ever seen here?
Meh...Don't Know.
58. Which DYOM Designer makes funny missions?
59. Which DYOM Designer makes the most boring missions?
Not sure...
60. Which DYOM Designer always puts a smile in your face by his replies?
61. Who is your favourite newcomer?
Huzaifa Khan.
62. Who is the breakout DYOM designer?
Don't know...
63. Which DYOM Designer makes really long missions?
Nobody makes long missions after Long missions.
64. Which DYOM Designer makes short missions?
Almost everyone.
65. Which DYOM designer talks more but works less?
Almost all the designers who are here longer than 6 months.
66. Which DYOM Designer's missions you've downloaded the most number of times?

Meh, probably wasn't gonna answer it anyway.

68. Which DYOM Desiner has good stories but worst designing skills?
Almost all the newbies.
69. Which DYOM Designer has good designing skills but lack Language?
Not Sure.
70. Which DYOM Designer has good leadership qualities?
The Odyssey.
71. What is your deepest fear when it comes to creating a mission pack?
People dislike it or that i will become lazy and cancel it.
72. Which DYOM designer is really mature?
DYOM and Maturity don't get along.
73. Which new comer is really mature?
73. Do you think Notna's Immature people topic will change the immature people?
Never read it.
74. Give an example of immaturity. (For eg. Using too much sh*ts and smilies)
Over using f*ck, smileys and UPPERCASE LETTERS. Oh and of course...Good Luck with this MP.
75. What is your favorite mission theme (e.g. gangster, racing, army)
Urban Warfare and anything Gang Related.
76. Which administrator, Dutchy3010 and PatrickW, is the most helpful on dyom.gtagames.nl?
77. Which moderator, AnKei, Chimpso, leoncj and Secronom President, is the most helpful on dyom.gtagames.nl?
I Hardly even use the DYOM site.
78. Which moderator, AznKei, Chimpso, leoncj and Secronom President, would you qualify as head moderator, considering how active they are, how helpful they, among other criterias?

Meh, Don't know.
79. Which veteran would you qualify as the DYOM Community's big brother, considering how helpful they are, how active they are, among other criterias?
Boris The Vodka?
80. Are you excited about Mati's return to DYOM?
Mati? Returning? hahahahaha
81. Who is the most missed designer?
Nobody misses anyone. Everyone is only thinking about their own missions.
82. Best Newcomer of 2014?
Meh, Don't know.
83. Who inspires you in making attractive mission topics?
Any experienced designer.
84. Best topic of 2014?
Grand Theft Target: Become A Target...LOL

85. Would you like to see the 6th multi-designer project after Road To Justice Whom would be the leader?
I don't know.
86. Most improved designer of 2014?
Don't know.
87. What is best thing that could happen to DYOM?

Me becoming Moderator. Nah, uhm...People actually play other missions than only caring about their own.

88. What is worst thing that could happen to DYOM?
Someone dying or something..,
89. How did you find out about DYOM?
Google Search: How to make your own missions in GTA easily?
90. How long does it take to finish designing a mission?
Depends on the size of the mission.
91. What are your thoughts about the final result of the sixth DYOM Contest?
92. Do you feel that Dutchy3010 and PatrickW's inactivity means something?
Yes. They have lives.
93. What do you think will be the rewards of 2014's DYOM Awards?
Wait and see.
94. If there was a DYOM: MP (Multiplayer) in the progress, what do you think would be your role: develloper, scripter, tester, another role (which)?
Player. DUH!
95. If there was a DYOM: MP, do you think you would include some multiplayer missions into your mission packs? Or even make it totally mutliplayer?
Why not?
96. If there was a DYOM: MP, do you think a DYOM V9 (normal version) would be published?
Probably later.
97. If there was a DYOM: MP, do you think it would be as popular as the normal version? Or would it be less or more?
It will probably be the best of mod ever in GTA SA and win awards and sh*t.
98. Do you like playing games in dyom? Why or why not?
The person who wrote this question didn't know what question to write.
99. If yes, what type of games do you prefer?
Games with DYOM?
100. Do you usually play it in a long time? Or just give up soon?
Depends on the size of the "Game".
101. Do your think a new version for San Andreas will come out (v9), or one for GTA V?
DYOM 9, probably. GTA V, Nope.
102. What do you want to do to celebrate dyom milestone (reaching 20 000 missions)?
Pizza Party!

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