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Dwemer Centurion

Need help with designing a Brick Breaker game

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Dwemer Centurion

Hey guys, I'm following a tutorial that my teacher in my College class set for a Pong game, but I'm making a Brick Breaker game that is very similar. He laid out the tutorial in such a way that I'm unsure as to whether my classes are correct, perhaps some should be together etc.


Here's what I've got so far:



import flash.display.*;

import flash.events.*;


public class BrickBreaker extends MovieClip{

}//end of package


//Class Variables

var xspeed, yspeed:Number;

}//end of class variables


public function BrickBreaker():void{

xspeed = 5;

yspeed = 10;

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, gameBall);

}//end of constructor


private function gameBall(event:Event):void {

//move the ball

gameBall.x += xspeed;

gameBall.y += yspeed;

//check whether the ball hits the edge of the screen

if(gameBall.x<16 || gameBall.x>784) xspeed *= -1;

if (gameball.y<16 || gameBall.y>584) yspeed *= -1;



I cannot get the ball to move at all. By this point it is supposed to bounce around the screen but it doesn't. The ball's been exported for Actionscript and the registration point is in the middle.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Ok, I'm no Flash programmer but I'll see if I can help.


Looking at your code you are setting gameBall.x and gameBall.y, but gameBall is the name of the function.

Is this causing a conflict if you have an object with the same name?


Also should you not be passing your ball object into the function so it can access it to change its position?

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It would be visually more appealing and easier to read if you used the CODE tag.



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