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draw texts on screeen


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Hello, it's me again colgate.gif


Is there any way to draw text without using gxt's, nor dynamic gxt's (0ADF) specially for showing a formatted string on screen..??? like, only passing the string var to an opcode to print it on screen...

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0AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "%d" time 2000 0@


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Or, CLEO3 version...



0A9F: 0@ = current_thread_pointer000A: 0@ += 0x100A8D: 0@ = read_memory 0@ size 4 virtual_protect 0000E: 0@ -= @TEXT000A: 0@ += 0x4if   0AA9:    is_game_version_originalthen   0006: 1@ = 0x69F1E0else   0006: 1@ = 0x69FA00end0AA5: call 1@ num_params 4 pop 4 add_to_brief 1 flag 0 time 2000 text 0@[...]:TEXT0662: "YOUR TEXT HERE"0000: NOP


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ok, but, I was thinking about something like: --> set_formatted_text_draw "text here %d %d %s" 0@ 5 1.876 "hola"


instead of using: 0@v = string_format "%d + %d = %d" 2 2 4

then: add_dynamic_GXT_entry '_FORMAT' text 0@v

and finally: set_text_draw_GXT '_FORMAT'


I hope you get the idea...

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Text draws without GXTs are impossible.

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