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Help me plz!


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I have a proplems in Storyline


1 when i download storylines in the storyline they put a checkpoint when i enter it the mission starts.


2 in Storylines how to put a radar on the map like Save house radar,Blueskelton or S,CS,R sad.gifsuicidal.giframpage_ani.giforly.gifalien.gif

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First of all, wrong section.


Secondly, I didn't understand your first problem.


Third, watch this.


Fourth, welcome to the forums.

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I could help you, but this topic is in the wrong section

Same with Notna, I couldn't understand the first problem


How to put that marker ? When you determining the position of the mission trigger (the cone), look at your minimap and press Y or N. Scroll through the marker and choose what you want. Then accept the mission trigger position and the marker, set the mission reward, voila !

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