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FlatOut scripting help


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Hello. I just working with my mod, Jump Script [FlatOut] and need help.


I need know how to get ID car what we are in, and then save this car ID. When i just jump out i want fast back to car. Soo only what i need to get ID and teleport, but i think teleport is easy... I have problems with all getting scripts... [peds, cars...].


Its simple for somebody i know. And if You write how to do this, Your name will be in my mod in version 5.0. [ like AngryAmoeba] smile.gif



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How about


Ped pc = Player.Character;Vehicle playerVehicle;// Saving the most recent vehicle the player droveif (pc.isSittingInVehicle() && Exists(pc.CurrentVehicle) && pc.CurrentVehicle != playerVehicle) {   Ped driverPed = pc.CurrentVehicle.GetPedOnSeat(VehicleSeat.Driver);   if (Exists(driverPed) && driverPed == pc)       playerVehicle = pc.CurrentVehicle;}


Then you could teleport to some position near playerVehicle.Position.

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Okey i will try somethink but i have problem with this :





How to fix that? GTA IV dont want teleport player on this pleace...

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