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gta complete ps3 loading


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I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what's up..

I got the gta iv complete edition for ps3.

It loaded files to the ps3 hard-drive first time i played.

I am a little confused how it saves files.

I keep getting a message when starting that it could not load downloadable content, starting a new game.

Then i can load it manually and play. I think from the last time I manually saved it (sleeping in bed.)

I was also wondering if it shares the auto-save spot between the 3 episodes. maybe thats the problem?

perhaps it didn't install the files correctly?

Sorry if I sound confusing. I am confused myself.

I appreciate any help/feedback.


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I have seen some people getting that error. Don't know what causes it, though.


On PC there was a bug where all the games shared the same savegame folder, but it was revised at a later date. I assume they would fix something like that on the PS3 as well even though I'm sure PS3 has some other means of allocating program data to games.


Can you use the autosave feature after loading the game from a manual save? Have you switched between the core game and addons in the meantime?

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thanks for the reply.

I think for the most part, Ill be playing the main game, and when I play the other episodes I will turn off auto save.

So far this way, everything seems to load properly.

Thanks again.

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