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Just got a BSOD.


It said Memory_Management.


Is it my RAM or my HDD?


So I can back up my HDD cause I have got stuff worth a sh*tload.



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Explain what led up to it, grab a screenie if you can, or relate the failure code. One idea is to swap your memory around in the slots of the board, and fire it up again, sometimes could be hardware, or a mem issue related to software I'd think. However, BSOD typically warns that a recent hardware change caused a Stop Error

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Go to C:\Windows\Minidump. Look for the file with the newest date. Zip it, upload it, give me the link.

That is just to help to possibly narrow it down. After you've done that, go to http://www.memtest.org/ the ISO would be the easiest to work with, just unzip and burn the ISO to CD but you can also use the one for a USB stick.

Boot to the CD (or USB if you go that route) and let it run. It should take any where between 30minutes to 1 hour to do at least 1 Pass, however it's best to let it for about 3-6 passes. If it fails on the at all in the first Pass that could be your problem.

If it does fail it all, if you can move the sticks to different slots and test again. If it still fails then try just 1 stick at a time. Still fails? Replace the RAM, but don't throw anything away because if the new sticks fail then the problem is likely the mobo itself. If you can try testing your RAM in a system that is working perfectly fine as another way to see if the problem is with your RAM or your mobo.

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Are you using a USB stick for ready boost?

That's what the debug is saying, that the rdyboost.sys file was at fault

If you have a USB stick or external drive plugged in all of the time, try unplugging it for a while and see what happens. In fact just unplug any USB device unless you really need it


If you get the BSOD again with no USB devices connected, get then that minidump file and let's see what it says.


If you would like the full break down of the report I'll post it here or in a PM.


If you have let's say 1GB of RAM then readyboost can be useful to help speed up the OS, but if you have 4+GB then you don't really need it. Anything between 1 and 4 is iffy it depends on what you're doing but for the most part I think even at 2Gb you should be fine without it.

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